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We Offer Budget Friendly & Effective Digital Marketing.

Navigate Digital Media is a Christian digital marketing agency that is dedicated to helping Churches and nonprofits make the most out of their advertising. Do not hesitate to schedule your free strategy call with our professional team of combined experience in Digital Marketing.

Church/Non-Profit Web Design

Provide potential followers with the information they need to find your church or organization, learn more about your message or vision, and choose to join your community.

Share The Gospel Effectively

When your sermons and other Biblical content ranks high on Google, you can share the gospel with people globally.

Increase Online Donations

Don't lose another dollar to your confusing website experience! With clear calls to action and seamless donation integrations.

Our Core Digital Services

SEO For Church/Non Profit

Your church is producing a sermon nearly every Sunday, so you probably have plenty of excellent content. We can help your weekly message get listed on the Search Engines Results Page.

Why Invest in SEO

Without SEO (search engine optimization), your sermons or website content can be impossible to find by strangers online. Partnering with an SEO company like Navigate Digital Media will help your church to be found by people looking for a place to worship near them.

Our Core Digital Services

Google Ad Grant for Churches

Navigate Digital Media assists churches in growing, by utilizing the Google Grant to drive more visitors to your website. We even have strategies to help you turn them into visitors on Sunday morning once they arrive

Benefits of Google Grant

On average, churches who use the Google Ad Grant Management tool get an 833 percent return on investment (Google Paid vs Client Paid). The graph below shows the ROI statistics for four divisions of our clientele (grouped by church size). Hovering your mouse over each pair of bars will reveal the ROI information for that segment.

Our Core Digital Services

We Have a Passion For Marketing Excellence For Ministries

Every day, people and organizations all across the world are shining a light on their communities by doing good work. Our job is to use the power of modern marketing tactics to spread the word and make it noticeable. We’ve been a proven and trusted digital partner to Christian groups, as we strive to set the bar for marketing excellence and help churches spread the messages of Christ throughout the world.

Navigate Digital Media