Landing Pages for Google Ad Grants That Work

We'll increase your church's Google ad grant performance with a real-life subdomain

Reach people searching Google for answers to questions like “why does God allow bad things to happen?” and “how can I build a strong marriage?”


Navigate Digital Media

Spend Google's Money

Using a Real-Life Subdomain to advertise your church is a cost-effective way for your church to spend thousands of dollars per month from Google's grant.

Affordable Approach

It would cost up to $30,000 to build a similar content repository from scratch. It's free with your Google Ad Grant Management Subscription if you use Navigate Digital Media.

Navigate Digital Media
Navigate Digital Media

A Branded Sub-Domain
For Your Church

Our Real-Life pages can act as a secondary part of your church's web structure by existing as a subdomain. This eliminates the need to modify your existing church website.

Solutions and Answers

Consider it a second website that exists solely to provide answers and solutions to the questions that people ask on Google every day. "Who is Jesus, and why is he the only way to God?" are common questions. or "How do I deal with a rebellious adolescent?"

Navigate Digital Media
Navigate Digital Media

Google Search Engine Optimization

People search for a variety of topics, and our Real-Life Subdomain Landing Pages for Churches provide your church with the high-quality, optimized content it needs to compete in these searches.


Is your church looking to connect with Google users who are searching for answers to their deepest needs and life's most difficult questions? You should be if you want to reach out to unchurched people. These are frequently unchurched individuals!

If your church wants to grow and share its ministry as a valuable real-life resource, this is one of the most important audiences to reach. Perhaps these individuals are looking for advice on how to strengthen their marriage or are seeking guidance in a difficult situation involving parenting, finances, or addiction.

Perhaps they're looking for answers to faith, God, or the Bible. In any case, your church would most likely be a fantastic resource. Targeting real-life felt needs searches is a great way to reach out to people who are in desperate need of a church but aren't actively looking for one.

Real-Life Felt Needs in Missional Marketing Subdomains are a great way to optimize your online presence for these types of Google search queries and increase your church's conversion rate.

Two Landing Page Groups Offered By Navigate Digital Media To Boost Google Ad Grant Performance.

Answers Topics

Questions people ask about God and the Bible.

Felt Needs Topics

Questions people ask about parenting and marriage.