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Church growth used to be all about personal connections and referrals. The Internet is revolutionizing the world today. Take into account the following:

What does this mean for your church right now? Simply put, you must consider your online presence if you want to increase your attendance and connect with a larger number of people in your community. Navigate Digital Media can assist you in developing a website and online reputation that not only attracts visitors to your doors after they visit your site but also attracts visitors to your website in the first place. You’ll have more opportunities to connect with your neighbors this way.

What To Expect From Us

When you work with Navigate Digital Media, we will provide a before and after SEO report if you have an already existing website, we will deliver this report either as a PDF or as a multi-tab excel spreadsheet detailing each of the following:

People who search for answers to questions about marriage, divorce, parenting, finance, mental health, and a variety of other felt-need topics can find your church using the processes we use. People nowadays look for answers on the internet. When they need answers, they frequently turn to Google. You want your church to be the one who answers these questions and leads the lost into your arms.

Navigate Digital Media SEO Workflow

SEO for Church

Analysis Phase

During the analysis phase, our team will perform a crawl of your entire website in detail. This will provide us with information about how your website is currently performing and how we should proceed with SEO optimization to improve your website’s visibility. We will be looking at the following criteria: [Heading & Meta Tags, Image SEO, Page Speed, URL Structure, Keyword Usage, Content Analysis, Backlinks & Website Security]

Keyword Research

Our team will conduct extensive keyword research. This will give us a lot of information about what people in your church area are searching for and which keywords should be optimized on your website. We will develop a keyword strategy centered on your ministries, including which keywords have the most value and where your website can rank most effectively.

SEO for Church - Keyword research
SEO for Church


During this phase, our team will put the research from the previous two phases into action.


Your website will be equipped with Google Analytics. This is one of the best tools for tracking traffic to your website.  This phase will involve the integration of tracking code into your website’s pages as well as the proper configuration of the Google Analytics Dashboard. This will enable you to track future traffic improvements.

SEO For Church
SEO For Church


Following the completion of our Church Website SEO project, you will receive a detailed report. This report will detail all of the work that was done on your property. The document will also offer advice on how to keep your website running smoothly. Finally, it will display a before and after analysis, allowing you to quickly see how your SEO score and page load time have improved.